Stainless steel laser welding machine

There are many specifications and varieties of stainless steel, can laser weldingbe used ?

Yes. There are many  varieties and specifications of stainless steel, because different stainless steel varieties are suitable for different downstream products. 

Stainless steel laser welding machine can weld various metals.

Generally speaking,only , stainless steel can be simply welding, while martensitic stainless steel can not be welded and cut.

Application range of stainless steel laser welding machine 

Bathroom industry welding: stainless steel pipe joint,reducing joint ,tee, valve etc welding of battery industry : laser welding of lithium battery, battery pack and electrode

Glasses industry welding: stainless steel, Titanium alloy and other materials of glass buckle, frame and other positions welding 

Hardware industry welding impeller: metal kettle, metal water cup, wine pot, stainless steel bowl, sensor, diode, aluminum alloy, mobile ,phone battery, door handle. ,mixer,shelf, etc Complex stamping parts,copper parts, casting parts.

Product advantage:

Stable control, software operation is more simple and easy to understand to meet the welding needs of various industries and complex products welding requirement,high efficiency,fast welding speed,automatic batch production.

 The medium power stainless steel laser welding machine can realize spot welding

High laser power , high aspect ratio, small heat affected zone, small deformation and faster welding speed. 

The current wave can be adjust arbitrarily and different waveform can be set according to different welding materials to match welding parameters and welding requirement.

Traditional welding process welding stainless steel products not only can not meet our requirement , but also the weld often open, large deformation, follow up treatment process is more complex, more time -consuming and labor -consuming !

Stainless steel laser welding machine is used to weld stainless steel products, without welding wire and solder, no pollution , no variation of base metal material,smooth and smooth welding bead, easy cleaning , firm and sanitary, fast

Working efficiency, greatly educing labor time cost.

Post time: Aug-09-2021